Large Size Weekly

Store Large Size Weekly

Large size gets 8 items per week. An item might be; a bunch of carrots, a head of bib lettuce, two eggplant, 10 eggs, etc.

Large - whole season $610.00 Price:
Large - 4 payments of: $152.50 Price:
Delivery frequency
: Weekly

We display the vegetables on tables in an area set aside for CSA, members get to pick out the vegetables they’d like to have in their share. The number of an item depends on the product’s value, for example: 3 cucumbers is equal to one item, while one bag of spring mix lettuce also equals one item. The number of each particular vegetable which constitutes an item is clearly posted.

One of us are always there if anyone has questions. Each week there are two “must take" choices. These are vegetables that we have a large supply of when they reach their main season crop. You then can choose the other 6 items from the 30 or 40 items on display.

Remember that you will have pastured eggs, grass fed ground beef, and breakfast sausage usually available as part of your share every week if you choose.

    Harvest Valley Farms grows over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Brothers Art and Larry King along with Art's son, David King, manage the farm of 160 acres.