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Local Artisan Cheeses changing every week

Available from the week of 2020-6-7 and until 2020-11-1

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We are adding a cheese share to the mix! You can get some awesome grass fed, local cheese every week with your share, or with your half share. We source the cheese exclusively from independent family owned creameries in Western, PA.

1. “Homesteader” – Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with mild sweet cream flavor, a simple and versatile raw milk “farmers-style” cheese great for snacking, pizza, lasagna, and more.

2. “ Fresh Chèvre" Goat Rodeo, Allison Park, PA. Fresh Chèvre is smooth and creamy with notes of sun warmed fields and a hint of lemon. Spread on a fresh baguette and a great addition to any recipe.

3. “Meadow Delight” - Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA o Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a high-moisture content and a hint of tang; a Colby-style cheese made of raw milk, very versatile, a milder Mild Cheddar substitute.

4. “ More Cowbell" Goat Rodeo, Allison Park. A soft ripened cheese with a snowy white rind and straw colored paste made with beautiful cow’s milk from nearby Le-Ara Farms. The soft creamy interior has earthy flavors of butter and button mushrooms. At 10oz it’s a perfect size for sharing. Enjoy with sauvignon blanc or crisp cider.

5. “Kiss of Kerry" Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA. A rich but mild cheddar with a slight Kerry tanginess to it. Produced with milk from Kerry cows.

6. “Frew Mill Fire" Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA. Pepper jack cheese made with dried red and green jalapenos. Spicy!

7. “Bruschedda” – Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, Williamsburg, PA. We love the taste of fresh from the garden tomatoes, homegrown basil, and a touch of garlic. What could be tastier than this complete flavor of Bruschedda sliced on top of a freshly toasted baguette? Everyone comments, “Wow, that is good!” We love it melted on an open-faced sandwich, cubed in salads, and mixed with eggs for breakfast.

8. “Galen's Good Old” – Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, Williamsburg, PA. We named this smooth, rich cheese after the man who helped us build our cheese plant. Galen’s Good Old is a secret recipe and procedure from our cheese consultant, based on the famous Gouda from Amsterdam. Once you taste it, you’ll know what great farmstead cheese tastes like. Its smooth texture and great taste combine to please any palate. You will never return to store-bought cheese.

9. “Cheddar” – Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, Williamsburg, PA. Combined with a mixed breed herd of cows that give us the right butterfat and protein we created a different taste. Our Cheddar is aged only 2 to 3 months to create a smooth and mild cheddar.

10. “Chickabiddy" Goat Rodeo, Allison Park, PA. A short 6oz pyramid made from goat’s milk with a beautiful white bloomy rind. Flavors of mushrooms, wildflowers and white pepper are combined with a crumbly center and fudgy creamline. The clean taste pairs well with dry sparkling wines.

11. “Cheese Curds” Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA. Great for snacking or cooking. Cheese curds have about the same firmness and density as cheese, but with a springy or rubbery texture. Fresh curds squeak against the teeth when bitten into, a defining characteristic due to air trapped inside the porous material. The curds have a mild flavor and are sometimes somewhat salty.

    Harvest Valley Farms grows over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Brothers Art and Larry King along with Art's son, David King, manage the farm of 160 acres.